Monday, October 20, 2008

A post before a break.....

Ben is going to the Arctic Circle (NOT the restaurant) for up to 6 weeks. He leaves on November 3rd and might come back as late as December 15th. More than likely he'll be home earlier- thank goodness- but it could take the full time.

That doesn't give us much time together before he leaves so I'm going to take advantage of it. While he's gone, however, I'll be busy cooking, reading and crafting.

I think in a previous post I told you that I get together once a month with two of my good friends, Casey and Kym to make crafts. Casey usually lets me know what she wants to make and I put together something for them. This month, Casey wanted to make and explosion box, a sour cream container and a card. Here are some pictures of them:

This is the outside, with the lid on (the lid is the patterned paper):

When you pull the lid off, the box falls open, or "explodes". On the various layers you can put pictures of your family and/or friends or it can be used for journaling.

And, just for fun, here's a picture of the box and lid side-by-side.

The card Casey wanted to make has a paper bow. I originally found the idea on Jenn D.'s blog. I had to go by memory what she did and after looking at her original I'm a bit humbled by my own creation. However, it taught Casey the method to folding the paper bow so that she can create her Christmas cards.

And here's the sour cream container. Simple and cute. Not fancy at all. There are caramel apple hershey's kisses inside though!

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Aubri said...

Why is Ben leaving for the Artic Circle? Is that for work? Crazy! Don't get too lonely!