Thursday, January 29, 2009

Lotsa Cards

Remember how, in my previous post, I made the promise to stay productive while Ben was away? Well, I have been! I was released from the RS Presidency about two weeks ago. The president, knowing I will be moving out relatively soon (Ben and I are in the process of buying a home), wanted to get my replacement all settled in before I depart. She recently asked me to make a bunch of cards for her to give out to the sisters in the ward. So, here are some that I've made. Enjoy!


Crazy About Stamping said...

Very cute cards!! You have great ideas! :)

lrbodine said...

Those cards are adorable!! If you want to be invited to my private blog - send me an invite at lachellebodine @ gmail . com (without the spaces).

Kristen said...

These are some of the cutest cards I have ever seen! You are really talented. I have an email for you but it comes back undelieverable. Email me at and I'll try sending it again.

Kristen (from Cindy's house)