Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Home Decor

I had originally promised to make stuff while Ben was away. Yeah, that didn't really happen. In fact, the only things I made were specifically for classes. I didn't even make or send out any Christmas cards this year! GASP! And when he came back it was just so nice to spend time with him that I didn't make anything either. We hardly even cooked! Bad us!

Anyway, Ben left again for the arctic yesterday. He will be gone for 30 days this time. I am determined to keep my self productively busy. So, last night in my first night of solitude, I made a home decor item. I've seen a lot of these floating around, so I give credit to all of you who made them first. The sentiment in the middle says "The season of friendship lasts forever." The picture really doesn't do it justice. Especially the spring tree- the camera didn't pick up the light pink petals. Oh well. Also, the frame actually does come with glass I just decided to take a picture without the glass to eliminate the glare.

Thanks for looking and I hope you're having a WONDERFUL New Year!

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