Monday, March 23, 2009

Almost-After pictures

Okay, so I wanted to wait until we were really DONE to post but I just can't help it! I'm in love with our new floors. Here are some pictures. Now, the floors were JUST installed so they are still a bit dusty. We pan to mop and shine them after we get all the moving-in finished.

Here's the living room. It used to have the yuckiest carpet. Now look at that warm, cozy room! I love the paint and wood combo.

The stair rail hadn't been re-installed when I took this picture. But it is back on now. We are still waiting for the wood trim. It is currently on back-order. Our current plan is to keep the hallway wall white, but we may end up painting it the same sand color later. We'll see.

It was overcast and rainy when I took these pictures so my apologies for the poor lighting. Anyway, this is the space between the living room and kitchen dining nook.

Our red kitchen! The trim still needs to be painted. Ben purchased a power roller to paint with and it was handy because it didn't require any real prep work (taping, etc.), which is why there are white strips in the corners and top and bottom of the wall sections. We'll be filling those in this week. Please disregard all the tools and supplies on our kitchen counters! ;)

Here's another view of the kitchen and the two red walls! It's very red but we love it! Even Ben, who was hesitant about having red walls, loves it!

Finally, here is the newest addition to our little family- PENELOPE! She doesn't look like she's very happy in this picture, but trust me, she's a sweetheart. She is all about the snuggling and was actually walking toward the camera to snuggle up to it when the photo was taken.

Her sweet profile.

I love this picture. Ben and Penelope are snuggle buddies. Penelope fills the craggy holes in both our hearts!


Mira said...

Your house looks amazing! I LOVE the red walls! Good choice. =)

cbonitab said...

the red is a winner!!!